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Mech Fan's Journal

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Monday, September 11th, 2006
1:52 pm - My future RPG campaign

Good morning! I'm currently working on a roleplay campaign featuring a world of power armour; I was just wonderring if anyone had any thoughts about my ideas for it so far.

Machine vs MonsterCollapse )

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Thursday, September 7th, 2006
3:45 pm - Gundam wing user pics

posted this up on other communitys i am a huge fan of gundam wing and decided to make a few userpics.


help yourself if you want to use any

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Friday, January 13th, 2006
1:19 pm - 3D Macross logo

I made this in 3D Studio Max.

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2005
3:26 pm - 103 CBT and MWDA Icons!

103 CBT and MWDA icons for use on LJ, please don't hotlink them. :) Hope you enjoy


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Monday, April 4th, 2005
3:19 pm - Carlos Owens is the man!

Carlos Owens, an Army Reservist, is building an 18 foot tall robot in his backyard in Alaska.

Alaska Mecha

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Friday, March 25th, 2005
10:40 pm - Info
phxcongames Some info about Phoenix ConGamesCollapse )


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Thursday, February 10th, 2005
7:50 am - Robots.

I joined this community some time back, and I figured I'd post something to it.

I love giant robots. When I was younger, I watched Crash and Burn, Robot Jox, and Robot Wars simply because they had giant robots in them. (These are all horrible movies.)

I grew up with Robotech, Voltron, Transformers, Go-Bots, and a cartoon called "Dynamo" which had a kid and a giant truck. The truck would transform into a robot, and two huge twin fans would come out of it's chest, and it would create a whirlwind "dynamo" attack.

I've enjoyed playing the Armored Core series very much, and am currently watching the series, Gasaraki.

Anyway, that's it, I just wanted to talk about giant robots for a few seconds there.

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Friday, September 10th, 2004
9:17 pm - hi all i am new.

I'm Justin and I play Mechwarrior 2 for Playstation (which did not do the game justice, MW on the playstation was just not meant to be i guess), Mechwarrior 3 for PC, and Shattered Steel. I'm very rusty at MW2, so-so at MW3, and pretty damn good at Shattered Steel. I've been trying to get better at MW3, but it's difficult when your computer is crap like mine is. Trying to take on six assault mechs in a Shadowcat doesn't help either. I almost made it once, but i sorta...died.

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Friday, September 3rd, 2004
10:13 pm - End of Evangelion

Well, I just watched EoE through again and maybe it's because I'm stoned but Geez what a difficult to follow and breathtaking anime it is... I'm STILL unclear on the whole Adam-Lilith-Eva-Angel-Humanity specifics. I mean Rei was made from Lilith, right? Did Adam stay within Rei's body when Gendo put his hand in her? Why didn't Misato just slap Shinji around a bit at least before kissing him? WTF?
Gotta say I just keep loving Asuka's Last Stand even more every time I see it.
Mekk On!

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004
10:12 pm - Gundam Network

Help BETA the new Gundam Network website @ http://www.gundamnetwork.com/portal.php

We are a group of savy and diehard Gundam fans that aim to bring a friendly, lively, and functional website and community for all Gundam fans across the world!

At Gundam Network, you'll find the latest breaking news on Gundam, anime, and fandom, advanced and user-friendly forum by phpBBFM, a Gundam Encyclopedia of technologies/story/mecha (under construction), a *FREE* picture gallery for all GN members, a professional and super cool Gunpla article section, and, last but not least, the Gundam Network store (under construction)!

Thank you!

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Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
2:46 am - Appleseed


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Saturday, July 10th, 2004
12:26 am - New Guy

Hey everyone. I grew up on Mazinger or whatever it's called ("Goldorak" in French). I didn't get back into Mechs until Evangelion and they're not strictly speaking mechanical.
My true Mech passion is MechWarrior. Ever since I've been able to go into combat in my own virtual customised armoured dealer of hot metal death (woohoo!) in glorious surround sound First Person cockpit-view immersion I can't get enuff of it.
I used to have a legit copy of MW4 Vengeance and I tried multiplaying over 56k Dialup. Fergeddit.
Now I got 256kbps ADSL. I'm getting a (err.. pirated) copy of whatever MW4+ I can get. Is that enuff? I'm sick of dumb AI enemies and wingmen. I wanna MULTIPLAY!!!!!

PS: I think Macross Zero is pretty cool even though I find those "transformer" type Mechs pretty unrealistic. Yes I know the ancestor of MW, Battletech, stole unit designs off Macross. That's a long time ago.

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Saturday, April 10th, 2004
11:42 pm - Goodbye

I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm leaving the community. You know... as a courtesy. I've just lost interest. Well.. this is where we part. Bye.

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Sunday, March 7th, 2004
10:01 pm - they are warm because they toast them!

ha! funny!
anyway, this is jon and i have the obligatory introductory message. we control the vertical and all that other stuff.
like you, i enjoy mecha and giant robots. along those lines, i share with you (in case it hasn't already been shared...)

new appleseed trailer

not strictly mecha, but mechanized enough and cool as hell besides. so you will watch it. and you will enjoy it. even the funny looking kid w/ the helmet.

aside from all that, back to the obligatory introductory post. i'm a musician (industrial, electro, gabber, noise, idm, etc) and promoter from good ole springfield, mo. we were over-run several years back by giant robots. we now live in a mechanized utopia. you should all be jealous!


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Sunday, January 4th, 2004
6:21 pm - http://www.production-ig.com

+ three images from the [ghost in the shell - stand alone complex] seriesCollapse )

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2003
6:01 pm
lemoned_sakura I'm just writing to say that I'm selling some auctions on eBay. Both are from Warhammer 40K. Sorry for the plug if you get pissed off. ^_^

WARHAMMER 40K Starter Box set + bonus!
WARHAMMER 40K 8 Space Marine Assault + bonus!

I'm also selling some AD&D stuff.

Hey, if anyone wants anything that'd be great! ^_^

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Saturday, August 16th, 2003
4:32 pm

i joined this community a while ago - just now saying "hello".

i want to buy a gundam model kit, but i am not sure what level to start with. i've fabricated jewelry, so i am good at working with small intricate parts. i want a challenge, but i don't want to purchase anything horribly complex, just yet.

any suggestions?

and thanks!

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Friday, February 21st, 2003
9:16 am - Mecha RPGs.

I rather enjoyed playing the PS1 game Xenogears, and recently, my buddy cyblaster, has been bugging me about running a (pen and paper) RPG about mecha. I was thinking that the d20 system could be used for the out of mech sections of the game, but I'm at a loss for what to use in the mecha combat section. Any ideas?

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Monday, February 3rd, 2003
7:57 am - Even the Transformers are giving their respects....


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